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CGAMES 2011 USA News
To be held from 27th July to 30th July 2011
At The Galt House Hotel, Louisville, KY
CGAMES will be in Technical Co-Sponsorship with IEEE (Pending)

CGames 2010 USA

15 th International Conference on Computer Games: AI, Animation, Mobile, Interactive Multimedia, Educational & Serious Games

28 th - 31 st July 2010

Galt House Hotel, Louisville, Kentucky, USA

The International Conference on Computer Games: AI, Animation,  Mobile, Interactive Multimedia, Educational & Serious Games organised by The University of Wolverhampton, England, is one of the leading research conferences devoted to the advancement of the theory and practice of games development. It brings together an international community of experts to discuss the state of the art, new research results, perspectives of future developments and innovative applications relevant to games development and related areas. We are proud to announce that this years conference is sponsored by the University of Wolverhampton. More information about other conferences can be found at CGAMES Main Website

We are delighted to announce that the 15th Conference will take place in the Galt House Hotel, Louisville. Louisville offers magnificent views of the Ohio River and is within walking distance of many attractions in downtown Louisville. Louisville is located on the Ohio River and is known for its great park system developed by Olmstead who planned Central Park in New York. It is also noted as the home of Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Derby. There is a statue of King Louis XVI in front of our court house, for which the city was originally named. Kentucky is also one of the most scenic states in the United States, with its rolling hills, horse farms, large cave system, forests and other historic attractions. Louisville also has access across the river to the beauties of Southern Indiana.

The conference is sponsored by the Society for Computer Simulation (SCS), the Institute Electrical Engineers (IEE), the British Computer Society (BCS), the Digital Games Research Association (DIGRA) and The International Journal of Intelligent Games and Simulation.

We hope that you will plan to join us in Louisville in July 2010. Conference Executive Members:

General Conference Chair: Professor Qasim Mehdi
(University of Wolverhampton)
General Programme Chair: Professor Adel Elmaghraby
(University of Louisville, USA)
International Programme Chair: Professor Rob Moreton
(University of Wolverhampton, UK)
Conference Organisation Chair: Don Anderson
(Quantum International Corporation)
Game Technology/Industrial Chair: Dr. Miguel Encarnaçäo
(Emerging Technology Innovation Humana Inc. - Innovation Center)
Programme Chair: Dr. Roman Yampolskiy
(University of Louisville, USA)
Video Games Development Chair: Dr. Stuart Slater
(University of Wolverhampton, UK)
Scientific Advisory Chair: Professor Nikos Antonopoulos
(University of Derby, UK)
Sponsorship Chair: Dr.Julia Chariker and Dr. Rammohan Ragade
(University of Louisville, USA) ,

CGAMES International Programme Committee Members can be found here

Paper Submission: Submit papers electronically, in Word or Adobe pdf only, through this link:
Paper Submission Link
All papers are peer-reviewed. Authors are requested to submit their papers electronically through our online web submissions system. For further details on submitting a paper follow this link: Call for Papers.


For more information and enquires, please contact the conference administrator: Matt Langham

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